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In this forum, you will find many topics of interest. You can talk about anything you like and meet lots of people in the process! Have fun!
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 Main Rules and Guidlines

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Main Rules and Guidlines Empty
PostSubject: Main Rules and Guidlines   Main Rules and Guidlines Icon_minitimeTue Jun 17, 2008 7:06 am

The main rules of forum are

1. You are allowed only one screen name on this forum.

2. Posting of pogo screen names or any other screen name you use for other sites or your email address is at YOUR OWN risk! Do not post other people's personal information without their expressed permission! First offense will result in a warning. Second offense will get you banned.

3. Please do not advertise here for SALES! We don't wanna buy your crap. We don't care about your crap. First offense will result in a warning. Second offense will get you banned. A type of allowed advertising would be EVENTS, such as when and where a band is playing, or when and where Broadway show is playing. If you are not sure, ask me. Some exceptions COULD be made.

4. Please do not post live links. If you have a link you would like to share, please post like this:

5. You may post pictures on here. NO NUDITY is allowed. Nudies WILL BE REMOVED and you will be issued a warning. Second offense results in ban. Picture sizes must not exceed 500 x 500. If you are not sure how to resize, ask me... I will help! ;0)

6. You may post cracked games or autos for games on this site...

7. This is an uncensored forum, however we do not tolerate bashing of any sort and some things are just in poor taste and if deemed inappropriate for this site will be removed by Admin. (this includes but is not limited to racial, gay bashing, overt or vulgar sexual comments or religious discrimination) Violating this rule gets you BANNED without warning! We will NOT tolerate it!

8. No spamming (that also means no posting the same things over and over or going from section to section and just posting things like "LOLs" or "thanks for the info" repeatedly)

9. No double posting, please. If you posted a new thread and realized you forgot something, simply edit your post.

10. Do not add staff members to your messengers or send them personal emails without having permission prior to doing so.

11. Threatening staff or members will result in an immediate ban.

12. By signing up with this forum you are agreeing to these rules/terms and ignorance to them will not be an excuse.

I am not trying to be a hard ass...
The rules for the pictures sizes are for convenience. It's a pain in the ass to scroll back and forth and up and down due to huge pictures. The rules for double posting are so these topics are easy to navigate and easy to find answers or helpful information.
If you have any questions, please email me @

We love to have active members who participate and contribute. Just have fun, people!
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Main Rules and Guidlines
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