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 OK so I'm going to Ebert this section up.... "yo"

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OK so I'm going to Ebert this section up.... "yo" Empty
PostSubject: OK so I'm going to Ebert this section up.... "yo"   OK so I'm going to Ebert this section up.... "yo" Icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 3:02 am

My recently Netflix rentals and what I thought:

Get Smart: Very very very funny. I giggled until I peed. Then I paused the movie and cleaned up. Then I came back, watched the movie some more but this time with a diaper.
Hancock: Rather enjoyable but not enough action. This was definitely a rent first movie. I could see some people buying it first, not liking it and then kicking themselves in the bum for spending the money.
Little Miss Sunshine: It wasn't drop on the floor hilarious but it was worth watching. Even if you don't like it, stick around until the end. It's disturbing and funny.
Currently Watching: Scrubs Season Seven: I'm on the first episode so............ who knows if it's any good... not me. That's for sure.
After Scrubs Season Seven will be George Lopez Season 1 & 2. OK I'm done. I'm going to pay more attention to the show and try and relax while the little babis is sleeping. Now someone find my chapstick and get me a soda.
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OK so I'm going to Ebert this section up.... "yo"
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